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This website is under construction.


we are a group of people, based in Montpellier and Paris,

who aim to contribute to improve a sustainable alternative and supporting

the mission proposed by Open Source Ecology.

We will develop and document the open hardware GVCS to enable the sustainable thriving of small communities / Farm / Civilisation and the open source economy.


In these pages we will document our progress, in both French and English, using:

a blog – documenting the main achievements (powered by WordPress - yes, this blog here!)

a Wiki - documenting the product research, development  (powered by Mediawiki - Under construction)

a Cloud - to help the sharing of documents between the team members and the public (powered by Owncloud - Under construction)

a Project planner - to help the team coordination (powered by ProjectPier - Under construction)

The projects that we are starting to research and develop,will have the double effect to actively contribute to Research and Develop the GVCS and

will enable us to satisfy (or at least participate to) our energy needs in what-will-be our off-grid Atelier.

In order of priority, they are:

the Solar Concentrator – to produce high temperature hot liquid or steam

the Heat Exchanger - using the hot liquid produced by the Solar Concentrator, the heat exchanger will produce steam and hot water

the Steam Engine - Using the steam produced by the heat exchanger or the solar concentrator, the Steam Engine will convert the thermic energy in cinetic energy, supplying dynamos (to select Open source plan) or pumps.

the Iron/Nickel Battery - Closing the energy loop, the Iron Nickel batteries are the energy storage that will grant us with a long lifetime and low cost per Wh.

We feel confident to have the required capabilities to start with this challenging mission.


If you are willing to contribute with your means toward these goal and to develop these (or other) projects with us please contact us here.

looking forward to give you more updates!!



Coming Events:

09 July 2014 – core team conference

19 September 2014 – first AG Association

do you want to participate? write to andrea dot sannuto at gmail dot com